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How Do I Filter The People List?

Filtering allows you to search for only the names you need to work with.

By default Search operates on all columns, but you can select a particular column (a field name) if desired. Click on the "All Columns" button beside "Filter", and choose, for instance "Family Name".

The text box will say "No filter" whenever none has been entered. So now enter the string of letters you want to filter-in.

If you enter "s", it will show all names that have the letter "s" in them, for instance Smith and Jones.

The filter "smi" will show all names that include the letters "smi", for instance Smith, Smithers, Goldsmith, and Jones-Smith.

To view the filtered names, click on the magnifying glass icon on the right.

To clear the filter and restore all the rows, click on the "x".