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The Panoramic Feedback Guide is the central resource for learning how to use the Panoramic Feedback 360-Degree Feedback Platform.

General Information

Lexicon Of 360-Degree Feedback Terminology

An alphabetical arrangement of the words and terms used throughout the Panoramic Feedback platform and their definitions.
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Introduction to Panoramic Feedback

Introduction to the Panoramic Feedback 360-Degree Feedback Platform.
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Standard Features


The overview tab is the central point to manage clients, projects, and settings.
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The questionnaire tab contains everything around creating and managing questionnaires.
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The people tab is where subjects, responders, and their relationships are managed.
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The emails tab is where emails that are sent to subjects and responders are created, edited, and scheduled.
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The reports tab is where project reports are generated.
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Enterprise Features

Group Reports

Group Reports provide information about the organization as a whole to which you might otherwise have no access.
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Comparative Reporting

Compare the Subject's results with their ratings in a previous year, or at the beginning of a now-completed course, etc.
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DataBank features including importing and exporting lists of subjects and responders.
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