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About The EMAILS Tab

About The EMAILS Tab What Can I Do Here? On this tab, you create Auto Emails: Create, edit, and delete emails Establish delivery dates, and re-send emails or force them [...]
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What Are Auto Emails?

What Are Auto Emails? Auto Emails are automated email notifications that inform Responders and Subjects about 360-degree feedback Projects. They provide a link to the specific URL at which Subjects [...]
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What Are PID And URL?

What Are PID And URL? The PID (personal ID) is required identification. It allows Subjects access to a special page for choosing Responders. It also allows Responders access to a [...]
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Editing An Auto Email

Editing An Auto Email What Are The Components Of An Auto Email? Most Auto Emails have three sections: Email Subject Line You provide a Subject line (heading) that invites the [...]
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How Do I Re-send Auto Emails?

How Do I Re-send Auto Emails? On the EMAILS tab, click beside the email you wish to re-send. Then on the "More Actions" dropdown, select "Re-send Emails". Select the recipient(s) [...]
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Spam Filters

Spam Filters There's nothing worse than emails that don't get delivered because of your local firewall or spam filter. Use the information sheet below to communicate with your IT people [...]
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