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About The EMAILS Tab

What Can I Do Here?

On this tab, you create Auto Emails:

  • Create, edit, and delete emails
  • Establish delivery dates, and re-send emails or force them out immediately
  • Send test emails to yourself and other stakeholders
  • Download information to help your IT people ensure that emails are delivered without problems

About Auto Emails

Auto Emails are sent by the Panoramic Feedback server automatically, on dates you select, to your Responders' email addresses.

These emails provide Responders with information and instructions, including the URL at which to respond, and the unique PID (personal ID) that links each particular Responder with the questionnaire for a particular Subject.

They may also be used to request Subjects to choose their own Responders.

You control the text of the Auto Emails, adapting the draft text provided when you set them up.

Every email must be edited. See below.

Do not include names or references to specific Subjects in email body text. Why not? See below.

Before you schedule the first email, please inform your IT department so they can "Whitelist" our emails, to ensure that they are not treated as spam by your system. Use the text provided on the Involve IT sub-tab.