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What Is Panoramic Feedback?

What Is Panoramic Feedback?   Panoramic Feedback is the platform you use to administer your 360-degree feedback projects. For over two decades, it has been a steadfast companion to organizations [...]
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How Do I Find Help?

How Do I Find Help?   GUIDES: On most pages you'll find a "Guide" button next to the page title. Guides provide a complete overview of the task at hand. [...]
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Where Is Everything?

Where Is Everything?   Look for the "?" icon at the top-right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu, you will find "Where is...". This feature will help you [...]
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About the Main Tabs

About the Main Tabs   These tabs divide up the tasks involved in setup and management of a 360-degree feedback Project: Overview Overview of activity including projects and auto emails. [...]
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How Do I Avoid Disappointing My Client?

How Do I Avoid Disappointing My Client?   Information for Consultants: Panoramic Feedback offers many sophisticated features. Even though it was designed to carry out clearly-defined tasks in clearly-defined ways, [...]
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