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What Happens Behind The Scenes When People Respond?


You will find it helpful to understand what happens behind the scenes when people respond. Here's the process:

  1. Responders enter their PID into their browser, which sends a request to the Panoramic Feedback server to display the appropriate Questionnaire.
  2. The server delivers the Questionnaire to the Responder's browser.
  3. The Responder replies to the Questionnaire using their browser. Even when they have fully responded, the information they entered has not yet been sent to our server. If the person stops at this point, no information about the response is recorded on our server.
  4. The Responder clicks the Submit button on the Questionnaire, which sends the responses to our server.
  5. Our server sends a message back to their browser acknowledging receipt of the responses, and informing the Responder:
    1. Complete response saved. (No further action is required.)
    2. Incomplete response saved. (The response entered so far will not be tallied unless the Responder replies to all the required numeric questions.)
  6. The Responder either logs off or clicks a button to continue to respond. If the Responder logs off, they may log on later, to complete (or review) the Questionnaire.