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How Do I Avoid Disappointing My Client?


Information for Consultants:

Panoramic Feedback offers many sophisticated features. Even though it was designed to carry out clearly-defined tasks in clearly-defined ways, it may not include absolutely every function on your client's wish list.

Before you submit a proposal, familiarize yourself with any parts of the system you have not used before. Run a practice assessment, test all the questionnaire features, build and upload a people databank, and generate various reports such as comparative and Group Reports. By doing this, you'll be able to answer questions with assurance.

For example, an organization may have been using a certain questionnaire format for several years. Since they are familiar with it, they may prefer that Panoramic Feedback accept it verbatim. And it will—98% of the time. Your challenge is to help the organization see that by tweaking the remaining 2%, you can actually improve the questionnaire.

Sometimes you will need to educate your client about what they can expect from a 360-degree feedback program. Don't be intimidated by their expectations. Help them reshape their wish list so they get what they need. As you do this, remember that Panoramic Feedback will provide excellent benefits in cost, time-saving, global accessibility, multi-languages, strategic reporting, and other areas.

And please talk with us; we'll be happy to help you problem-solve.