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How Do I Avoid Problems With Auto Emails?

Five common problems confront users of Internet email.

The starting point for managing them is to take a deep, relaxing breath.

1. Careless Reading

Some people don't read their emails carefully. They delete them, and then believe that they did not receive them.


You can easily re-send an Auto Email. Choose the Email on the grid, then select "Re-Send Emails" on the "More Actions" dropdown.

As well, if you schedule a Pre-Announcement email, Catalyst, and two Reminders, the message will generally be read eventually.

2. Assumptions About The Questionnaire

Responders sometimes think that their email will include the actual document on which they will answer the questions, instead of using an online questionnaire. So they conclude that there was a failure in sending the questionnaire to them.


State explicitly in the Auto Email that they will not receive a questionnaire, but should log onto a questionnaire on the Internet.

3. Firewalls, Spam Checkers, And Other Defences

Firewalls and spam checkers may be set up so rigorously that they reject legitimate emails. They may object if emails are sent in batches, or from an outside source (e.g., but with an inside return address (e.g. your 360 organizer).


See the sub-tab Involve IT.

If most of your emails are going to a single organization, request its IT department to monitor Test emails ahead of time, to be sure they are delivered successfully. They may also "whitelist" as an acceptable sender of emails.

4. Worries About Delivery

The first time you set up a Project, you may worry when a few people claim not have have received an Auto Email. You may fear that no one received it.

In the majority of cases, we find that people who reported not receiving emails had accidentally erased them.


Don't let the anxiety of others overwhelm you. You can always check whether people are responding in a given Project using Status Reports.

But if you believe the emails are not being delivered, put the organization's IT department in touch with our Tech Support department. We'll sort it out together.