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How Do I Re-send Auto Emails?

On the EMAILS tab, click beside the email you wish to re-send. Then on the "More Actions" dropdown, select "Re-send Emails". Select the recipient(s) you wish the email to go to. These Auto Emails are usually received within an hour.

Use re-send for new or changed addresses, or when the recipient has lost the original, or there were problems in transmission.

Select recipients carefully

Re-send was designed for the purpose of re-sending an email to those who misplaced/deleted it or didn't receive it. For that reason, it is capable of sending an email to the same person more than once. The address list will include all of the original addresses (including those who might have replied already).

By comparison, a scheduled email delivery does a thorough check before it sends emails. It sends each email to the same person only once, and includes only those addresses that haven't submitted responses yet.