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What Are Auto Emails?

Auto Emails are automated email notifications that inform Responders and Subjects about 360-degree feedback Projects.

They provide a link to the specific URL at which Subjects and Responders can perform their tasks.

They also provide PIDS: unique Personal IDs. For Responders, PIDs connect each individual Responder with the particular Subjects s/he has been selected to assess. For Subjects, they function as passwords, allowing them to select their Responders online.

For example, the "Responder Catalyst" email informs Responders that today is the first day to reply to a survey. It informs them that they will find the questionnaire at, and provides the PID.

You must write the text for Auto Emails, but we provide you with a draft to help shape your thoughts.

Panoramic Feedback sends the emails automatically on dates that you specify, to a list of addresses which you provide on the People tab.

To reduce mailbox clutter, if a Responder has several Subjects to assess within the Project, a single email will provide several PIDs (one PID per Subject).