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What Kinds Of Auto Emails Can I Send?

About Responder and Subject Emails

Subject emails should be used only when you wish to communicate solely with the Subject.

Responder emails are sent automatically to all Responders, including the Self/Subject.

List Of Email Types

Subject Catalyst

Sent well before the 360 response process begins, it notifies Subjects that they should choose their Responders. (Available for Enterprise Edition Projects only.)

It provides the special URL for the online selection site, plus the Subject's unique PID.

Subject Reminder

This email is sent only to those Subjects who have not chosen enough Responders. (Available for Enterprise Edition Projects only.)

We suggest it be sent at least 5 days before the survey is scheduled to open. You can send more than one Subject Reminder.

Subject Address Correction If you chose "Subject Gets Bouncebacks" on the Project tab, and if the Subject provides undeliverable addresses for Responder emails in the online selection site, this email goes automatically to the Subject. It links the Subject to a simple correction page. Once the Subject makes the correction, the Responder email is automatically re-sent to the corrected address.

Responder Pre-Announcement

The Pre-Announcement email informs Responders in advance about an upcoming 360-degree feedback. To give it more credibility, have it signed by a senior officer of the organization. The Pre-Announcement message provides general information, and does not include the Responders' PIDs (Personal Identification that allows them to respond) nor the URL at which they will respond.

Additional benefit: The Pre-Announcement allows you to test the email addresses you entered, prior to the beginning of the survey when their accuracy will become critical. If a Pre-Announcement bounces back because the address is incorrect, you still have time to make a correction and resend.

Responder Catalyst

The Catalyst Email is sent to Responders on the opening date of the survey, providing their individual PIDs and the URL to which they will respond.

Responder Reminder

The Reminder email is sent only to those Responders who have not yet replied. We suggest it be sent roughly 3 days prior to the scheduled close of the survey. Another can be sent on the final day.

Automatic Report

On a date you choose, this email generates a PDF report for each Subject, and carries it as an attachment. Prior to designing this email, you must design the Report and save the design as a Profile which you will choose while setting up the email.