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Choose Which Comparison You Want


Choose "Previous Results" to compare the Subject's results with her/his ratings in a previous year, or at the beginning of a now-completed course, etc.

Requires that the People list include an OLDSAC column. (OLDSAC is the Subject Access Code assigned to the individual for the previous event; see below.)

Comparing to the Subject's previous assessment allows a measurement of progress, which is particularly motivating when the 360s are held before and after a course or other growth experience.

The Group

Choose "Group Average" to compare the Subject with the average of ratings of everyone in the Project.

Choose "Percentile" to compare the Subject with the rating of those who fell within the chosen percentile in the Project.

For group comparisons, the advantage is that you can add other Projects, using "Select Supplemental Projects for Comparative Reporting".

But group comparisons are inherently risky. See below.