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How Do I Manage Large DataBank Import Lists?


If your DataBank Import list of potential Responders (the CSV data file) contains information about several hundred individuals, it is important to recognize that every time you click a command button, it triggers a lot of activity behind the scenes. The system searches each entry for relevant data and conducts many operations.

So when you enter a command in larger projects, relax and be prepared to wait a minute or two for the results.

Number of Subjects per Project

To keep Staff DataBank listings manageable, we recommend an upper limit of 1000 Subjects per Project.

If you have a greater number of Subjects, it is easy to split them up among several identical Projects. You can use the same CSV data file for each of these Projects.

Group Reports (aggregate reports)

With several identical Projects, you can generate a Group Report providing strategic information for the organization, when the Projects end. Simply include each of them in your setup.