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Editing An Auto Email

What Are The Components Of An Auto Email?

Most Auto Emails have three sections:

Email Subject Line

You provide a Subject line (heading) that invites the reader's attention.

Personalized Top

The top section of the email is personalized automatically by SASS. You do not have write it or do anything to make it appear.

The top automatically displays a unique PID that allows the Subject to choose Responders, or the Responder to answer the questionnaire. It also provides a link to the URL at which they perform these actions.

The PID is also required to allow the recipient to unsubscribe (which is a requirement so batch emails aren't relegated to spam.)

Body Text

You write the body text. (We provide suggested text for most types of email.)

Note: Automatic Report emails lack the top, but include a PDF attachment of the individual's report.

Subjects Are Responders

The default is that all Subjects self-respond to their questionnaires, unless you choose on the People tab that a Subject should not respond.

The rationale is that self-response provides a valuable point of comparison in the Subject's report.

Subject Catalyst and Subject Reminder emails will be sent only if all Subjects have been selected for self-response.

How Email Send Date Relates To Your Time Zone

Auto Emails are dispatched at approximately 11 a.m. UTC/Greenwich Mean Time. (When North America is on Daylight Saving Time, dispatch is at 10 a.m. UTC.)

This corresponds with North America 6 a.m. Eastern Time, 3 a.m. Pacific Time.

Check that this is appropriate to your locality. For instance in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, this is so late in your day that you may prefer to dispatch emails the "previous" day.

Note as well that local use of Daylight Saving Time is likely to shift these times.

Some equivalents:

City Local UTC Differential
Aukland 11:00 p.m. (+12)
Sydney 10:00 p.m. (+11)
Tokyo 8:00 p.m. (+9)
Beijing 7:00 p.m (+8)
Kolkata 4:30 p.m. (+5:30)
Ankara 1:00 p.m (+2)
Berlin Noon (+1)
London 11:00 a.m. (UTC)
Rio de Janeiro 8:00 a.m. (-3)
New York 6:00 a.m. (-5)
Los Angeles 3:00 a.m. (-8)

Why Not Check "Ready For Delivery" Box?

Sometimes administrators are surprised when an Auto Email that they had forgotten about is sent out. Perhaps they had not completed editing it, or the Project was canceled. But they had set a date for it in the future, and on that date it was dispatched, to their dismay.

To see at a glance a list of all emails you have scheduled for the future, check the "Upcoming Auto Emails" list, on the Overview tab,

The only safe practice: If an Auto Email or its Project needs more work before the email is sent out, leave the "Send Date" box unchecked on the email Modify page.

Only when you are satisfied that the email is ready to be delivered, should you checkmark the box and date the email.