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Filter Subjects

This tool allows you to create Group Reports that include only the Subjects about which you need further information.

Filtering allows you to create separate group reports, for (e.g.) several locations, then compare the results.

The filters let through only the Subjects you choose, based on the demographic information (fields) included in their People List profile. Examples: LOCATION, JOBTITLE, GENDER.

You can filter, using one or two fields. For instance, choose everyone with a certain Job Title who is in a certain Location (example: all Supervisors at the Woodbridge Plant).

To not filter, choose "No Filter" for both filters, and click through using "Next".

To filter, choose the field you wish to filter by (e.g. LOCATION), then enter the group you wish to include (e.g. WOODBRIDGE).

If you failed initially to include fields for which you discover the need to filter, go to the People tab, choose Export Databank sub-tab. Edit the Subject listings to include the required field(s), then Import DataBank. New fields will appear in the dropdown lists for filtering.