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Introduction to Group Reports

A Wealth of Data

The Group Report takes the 360 exercise to new level of strategic value. It provides information about the organization as a whole to which you might otherwise have no access.

It provides an extraordinary range of summaries: 20 in all. It shows you the big picture, compiling all the ratings received by all the Subjects, empowering the organization's leaders to make informed and productive choices about future directions.

The Group Report allows you to combine several Projects, provided they have identical structure.

he information the Group Report provides can offer a significant boost to organizational development. It assists in the maintenance of existing strengths, and in focusing resources where needed for skill development. It supports increases in team effectiveness, productivity, and accurate strategic planning.

In larger organizations, the Group Report provides an opportunity for extensive data analysis. This information can guide you toward significant changes in such crucial areas as productivity, marketing, profitability, culture, and morale.

As well, the Group Report can provide an overview of the response patterns for the 360-degree feedback survey process itself. So you can use the results for benchmarking, generating information that will enable you to gain even greater value from future 360s.