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Questions A Group Report Can Help Answer

"How well do our people exhibit our core competencies or values?"

"Are there strengths in particular areas of the organization from which we are not benefiting, whether in productivity or public perception?"

"Are there individuals or groups who have the potential to be especially productive, except that we have not recognized their skills or used them to advantage?"

"Are those skills which are generally exhibited by our people, actually the ones most important to our success?"

"Are there skill deficits which are invisible to the leadership, but hold us back from greater success?"

"Which groups of employees possess the new skills we will need to respond to changes in this organization and industry in the near future?"

"Which employees possess the skills to enhance our succession program, ensuring that we have talent available to replace those who will leave? And what additional skills will they need to develop?"

"Does our culture focus most respect on leaders, on peers, or on direct reports. And how does that affect productivity?"

"Where should we focus coaching or training for the greatest strategic benefit: particular locations, departments, demographic groups, leadership levels, or individuals?"

"In groups that show weaknesses, does everyone need special development opportunities, or only a few?"

"How are we doing compared with last year?"