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About The OVERVIEW Tab

The OVERVIEW tab provides you with immediate access to all tasks and information about your Panoramic Feedback Projects.

To work on any 360-degree feedback Project, you must first start a new Project here, or choose an existing Project to work on. As well, you can view up-to-the-minute status reports on responses, check your assessment credits, note upcoming Auto Emails, and identify new features.

The OVERVIEW tab enables you to:

  • Start a new Project.
  • Select/Modify an existing Project.
  • Delete a Project.
  • See a list of your upcoming Auto Emails, to be certain they are scheduled to be sent.
  • Check the balance in your assessment credits.
  • Place an order for assessment credits.
  • Download useful documents:
    • Tutorials for each section of the platform
    • Questionnaires in English, French, Spanish
    • Workbook for recipients of 360-degree feedback report in English and French
  • Review your contract with Panoramic Feedback
  • Edit your organization name and contact info as they will appear on Questionnaires and Reports