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How Can I Use Templates To Save Time?

The use of Templates can reduce repetitive work, by allowing you to copy the language and layout of previous projects. There is nothing complicated about using them.

Templates are particularly useful if you are working in a language other than English, and in all cases where you will be re-running identical 360s from time to time.

To begin, set up your project exactly the way you want it to appear. When you are ready to set up the next one, on the "PROJECT" tab, simply choose the command to "Copy Project Settings". In other words, you are using the original as a Template.

You can easily modify any text or settings imported from the Template that require change.

Dedicated Templates

Users often set up a Template at the beginning, then import it into all their new projects. Whenever their requirements change, they adjust the Template so that all future projects reflect the changes.

On the PROJECT tab, you can assign names to Templates such as: "Template 2004", "template-exec", "template-Spanish", "Template 1".

How to use a Template

As you set up a new project on the PROJECT tab, you will be offered the choice of copying the layout of a previous project. Select "Copy Project Settings From" and identify the project to import from.