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How do I set up a 360-degree feedback Project?

There is abundant information available to help you.

  • For an extensive overview, download the Tutorials from the OVERVIEW tab -> Downloads sub-tab.
  • Read the Guide introductions on many of the pages.
  • Place your mouse over the "?" icons to see brief helpful notes about key topics.
  • And contact us if you would like personal training to assist you in setting up your first project.

Panoramic Feedback consists of a Overview plus five numbered tabs. The tabs have sub-tabs you can click on, in order to move around.

The Overview is your multi-purpose control center, providing access to the information you need at a glance.

To start a new Project, click the "Create New Project" button on the OVERVIEW page.

Each of the numbered tabs correspond to specific tasks in setting up a 360-degree feedback project.

1. Project: Enter information about the project.

2. Questionnaire: Design the Questionnaire.

3. People: Identify the People who will be Subjects and Responders.

4. Emails: Write and schedule the AutoEmails that will announce the project to Subjects and Responders.

5. Reports: Once the responses are complete, generate the reports.

Tasks 1 to 4 must be completed before the first AutoEmail is sent. Task 5 (Reports) happens after responses have arrived.

Don't Rush Your First Project

When setting up your project for the first time, allocate extra time to ensure everything behaves as expected. Proofread the finalized questionnaire thoroughly, as you won't be able to change its structure once feedback submissions begin. Review your AutoEmails to confirm they contain accurate text and dates.