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About The PEOPLE Tab

The People tab is the location where you manage all tasks related to the people in your 360-degree feedback Project.

On the People tab, you can:

  • Add new people, and edit their data
  • Select Subjects (individuals to be assessed)
  • Edit the Categories to which you assign Responders
  • Select Responders and assign them to Categories
  • For Responders with no access to the Internet, generate paper version of the Questionnaire.

Enterprise Edition users can avoid the work of entering Responders here by asking Subjects to enter their Responders' email addresses themselves on the special Subjects Portal. Use the Subject Emails on the Emails tab to set it up.

Enterprise Edition users can also use the DataBank import. The DataBank is a quick and efficient method of importing all the data about Subjects and Responders from a single file. The Export DataBank sub-tab also allows you to output this file including any changes you may have made since importing.