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Edit Person

Data And Responders Page

Consists of two tabs: Person Details and Responders.

Person Details tab allows you to list information about participants.

Responders tab shows the Responders for the Subject listed on Person Details page.

(Enterprise Edition clients can also add participants in a file by using the Import DataBank sub-tab.)

Person Details

Enter data (generally for Subjects only) on the Person Details page, one by one.

Minimum info required:

  • Key (use the default provided, or change it)
  • Family Name and Given Name, or Email Address

For Subjects, required data includes the person's name (to identify them in questionnaires and reports), email address if available (to send them requests to self-assess), and gender ("Unspecified" is acceptable)(used in English-language questionnaires only, to assign correct pronouns).

Responders require only email addresses, or if email is unavailable, names.

Enter Subjects Before Responders

It is often most convenient to enter all Subjects first, using the Person Details tab.

This page requires more data than is needed for Responders.


Use Responders tabto select "Add Responders".

Click on "Select Responders" (which allows you to choose easily among people already entered into the system).

Then use "Bulk Add" or "Quick Add" to quickly enter new Responders' email addresses.


Appears rarely, only when you try to change an incorrect email address, and the new address has already been assigned to an individual.

Click the link to see whether they are both the same individual, and if so to merge their data.