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How Do I Assign Responders?

You don't have to assign Responders. You can have the Subjects do so, by entering the Responders' email addresses in a special Portal. (Enterprise Edition Projects only.)

Set it up by using the Subject Catalyst and Reminder emails.

But if you wish to assign Responders yourself, on People List sub-tab, if person is not already a Subject, click the box beside their/her/his listing. Click on "Make Subject".

Icon appears beside listings for Subjects: small green person with +. Click icon to go to Responders page.

Responders tab, "Add Responders" button offers three choices:

  1. Select from List allows you to select Responders from the existing People List.
  2. Add New: Bulk allows you to add email addresses for Responders (separated by commas) into text boxes for each Category.
  3. Add New: Quick allows you to add Responders one at a time by entering only their name and/or email address.

On Responders page, you can reassign Responders to different Categories. (Or eliminate them as Responders.)

Add New: Bulk and Add New: Quick not only designate the individuals as Responders, but also add them to the People List.

When finished, click "Save".