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Merging People

You may discover that you have assigned the wrong email address to an individual.

When you attempt to change it, if the new address has already been assigned to another individual in the People List, you must combine the listings, i.e. merge them into one new person.

Selection Highlighting

Click on each cell (box) to select its contents as authoritative. It will be highlighted in yellow. The "Merged Value" column will show your choices for the initial group.

What You Can Do

The Merge page allows you to choose the correct names and other attributes to apply to the merged listing.

As well, it allows you to assign the merged individual as a Responder to your choice of Subjects (if the individual is a Responder).

And you can choose the individual's group of Responders (if the individual is a Subject).

When you click "Save", the two original listings will be replaced in the People List by the merged listing.


Because of the nature of merging, you can choose only a group of Responders, not individuals. If you need to add or subtract, complete Merging, then go to People List sub-tab, and click on the green + person to adjust the Responder list.

Confirm Merge Data Page

Because merging is complex, your choices are listed on this page before finalizing them. Check carefully.

To make changes, click "Cancel".

If You Make A Mistake

Don't worry.

If you failed to tick the Subjects for whom the person was to respond, and if s/he has already responded for that Subject, her/his response will not be counted.

But you can restore her/his response by re-selecting her/him as a Responder for the Subject, starting on the People List sub-tab.