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Responder Relationship Categories


The relationship between a Responder and a Subject is used to determine how the Responder's response will grouped with those of other Responders. The groups are called Responder Relationship Categories.

They are identified from the perspective of the Subject. I.E. the "Manager" Category is for the manager(s) of the Subject.

Common relationships include:
  • Self
  • Manager
  • Peers
  • Direct Reports

These 4 Categories are present by default in the Panoramic Feedback setup. But you can edit or eliminate them. For instance, "Manager" could become "Supervisor" or "Boss".

You can add other Categories, such as:
  • Internal Customers
  • External Customers

Allow Comments?

It is possible to disallow some Responder groups from providing comments, if it is considered that their comments would be superfluous or detrimental to the Report. In this case, comment boxes are not displayed in their questionnaires.

(Even if comments are allowed, they can be omitted from the Subject's version of the Report. To print comments separately for use by a coach or manager, use Export sub-tab.)

Comment Box Control

Comments requested in Questionnaires are controlled on the QUESTIONNAIRE tab.

On the "Narrative Comments" page, you can control auto-generated functions:

  • Whether Comment boxes appear following each Heading in the Questionnaire
  • Whether Concluding Comment box(es) appear at the end of the Questionnaire

(If you choose to disallow either sort of Comment box, that decision will prohibit all Responders from making that sort of Comment.)

On the "Questions" page, Enterprise Edition users can add comment boxes wherever desired.


Display of Categories in Reports is controlled on the REPORTS tab.


Typically the Subject (the "Self") is requested to respond to the questionnaire.

This provides comparative information, showing the extent by which the Subjects over- or under-estimate their personal effectively. That information enhances coaching and learning.