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How Project Start Date Relates To Your Time Zone

The Start Date is the date on which you wish the Questionnaire to become available to accept responses on the Internet. (This is a safety measure. You set this date so no one can see your Questionnaire until you have completed it.)

Responses are accepted on that date from 5:01 a.m. UTC/Greenwich Mean Time. (During North American Daylight Saving Time, they are accepted from 4:01 a.m. UTC.)

This corresponds with North America: 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time. (Or 9:01 p.m. the previous day, Pacific Time.)

Check that this is appropriate to your locality. For instance in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, this is late in your day. (For that reason, you may prefer to announce in Auto Emails that the Opening date is the day following the date you have actually set here.)

Note as well that local use of Daylight Saving Time is likely to shift these times.

Some equivalents:

City Local UTC Differential
Aukland 5:01 p.m. (+12)
Sydney 4:01 p.m. (+11)
Tokyo 2:01 p.m. (+9)
Beijing 1:01 p.m (+8)
Kolkata 10;31 a.m. (+5:30)
Ankara 7:01 a.m (+2)
Berlin 6:01 a.m (+1)
London 5:01 a.m. (UTC)
Rio de Janeiro 3:01 a.m. (-3)
New York 12:01 a.m. (-5)
Los Angeles (9:01 p.m.)* (-8)

* Previous evening.