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Paper Version Of Questionnaire

Improving printout appearance

When you are printing from your browser, you may wish to remove the URL (internet address) and document title from the printout to improve its appearance.

In Firefox, you can do this by going into File, Page Setup, and text from removing text from the "Headers & Footers" section.

In Internet Explorer, you can go into File, Page Setup. In the Header box, replace the code with: &b Page &p of &P ("Page 3 of 12"). In the Footer box, replace the code with: &b &d ("08/01/2003").

You can also adjust margins, if desired.

Partial responses

An acceptable response has answers to all Numeric questions (and in surveys, all Multiple Choice- select one answer-questions). Narrative comments (and in surveys, Multiple Choice- multiple answer-questions) are optional.

If you enter a partial response, or return to a questionnaire, you will see the same warnings as a normal on-line Responder would receive.

Caution: Be careful transcribing word-processed comments

If you copy narrative comments that originated in another program such as Word into the Quick Input Questionnaire, be alert for unexpected text.

Symbols and special codes encoded for the other program may not appear correctly in Internet-based documents. As a result, they may show up incorrectly in the final report.

Examples: bullets, curly quotation marks, curly apostrophes, dashes, and other special characters.

If you are copying comments into the Quick Input Questionnaire from another program (such as Microsoft Word), follow these suggestions:

Be sure to copy text only. (Do not copy bullets, for instance).

Always check your work as you paste text into the text boxes, watching for unexpected characters. (For instance, "q" is sometimes substituted for bullets.) Simply replace them with regular keyboard characters such as hyphens.

If you are transcribing comments into a word processing program before pasting them into the Quick Input Questionnaire, turn off the tool that auto-formats or creates symbols automatically while you type.

One method of checking text produced by other programs is to paste it first into a simple text editing program. Notepad, for instance, will reveal improper characters and/or replace them with other, simple characters. Check the text box to spot them.