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About The Question List

The Question List is the part of the Questionnaire that appears between the Intro and Closing Texts.

You create the Question List by choosing "Add New" on the questionnaire editing page. You make changes by choosing "Edit Questions".

You can also import expertly designed Question Lists from the Panoramic Feedback library. And at any point in its construction, you can preview your Questionnaire.

These Elements are the building blocks of the Question List:

  • Question Headings divide the Questionnaire and Reports into topics. Queston Headings must precede all Narrative Comments, Numeric Questions, Dual Scale Numeric Questions.
  • Numerics (or Dual-scale Numerics) are the actual questions to be asked.
  • By default, boxes requesting Narrative Comments appear automatically after each Question Heading section, and as a conclusion to the Question List.
  • Text Block/Text Headings placed wherever needed; provide additional guidance to Responders.
  • Vertical Spaces provide additional separation between elements.
  • Horizontal Lines provide a visual break between elements.

Users of the Standard Edition of Panoramic Feedback have access only to Question Headings and Numerics. The Enterprise Edition offers access to all elements.