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Export Responses

Export is valuable because it provides all response data in raw form, enabling you to analyze and manipulate the data for Strategic purposes. The only information omitted from Export is who said what.

Two Types Of File

Numerical data is exported in CSV form, which is compatible with statistical programs, spreadsheets, and databases. Use it for advanced statistical analysis, for instance correlations between responses to two or more questions. (Contact us if you'd like a referral to a senior statistician.)

Comments are provided in TXT form, compatible with any text editing program. Example: Some organizations generate the Subject's Report without comments, then provide comments separately to the coach or manager of the Subject, for use in coaching sessions. Others perform statistical analysis on word usage.


Exports are provided in a single zipped file. You will need a program that can extract zipped files, such as WinZip.


Export using the default ("Unicode UTF-8"). Only if your program cannot accept the default output should you re-Export using "Latin-1/ANSI".

Interim or Final Export

You can run a preview Export without closing the questionnaires, by selecting an "Interim" Export.

By choosing "Final" Export, you will close the questionnaire, so that no further responses are possible. Note that generating a "Final" Export does not prevent you from generating another Export or a Report later.