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Responder Categories In Report

The upper box (Responder Categories Display) shows the Responder Categories to which you assigned Responders on the PEOPLE tab.

When you select a Category, the lower box (Settings) allows you to set the way the Category is displayed in Subject's Reports and Group Reports.


The arrow buttons allow you to shift the display of Categories in Reports higher or lower on the list. (Or you can drag them.)

For the sake of visual clarity, "Combined Responders" generally appear first and "Self" last.



Change or correct the name you originally assigned to the Category.

(If you choose to show "Olympic Average" instead of straight average, change the name "Combined Responders" to "Olympic Average" here.)


Select the display color for the Category. Be careful not to duplicate.

Gray is good for the Self because it differentiates results from other Responders.

Allow Merging

If fewer than three people in a given Category reply, their anonymity is in danger of being compromised because it is easier to guess who said what. So by default (unless you choose otherwise) the system automatically merges their Category with another.

For Categories like "Self" and "Supervisor", however, there is no benefit in preserving anonymity, so the default is not to "Allow Merging".

What happens in a merge?

First, the system determines whether any Categoriy is "at-risk", i.e. includes fewer than 3 Responders and "Allow merging" has been selected.

If a Category is at-risk, the system looks for an available Category, i.e. another one where "Allow Merging" is selected. It then merges the two Categories. (If it finds more than one available Category, it chooses the Category with the fewest Responders.)

If, after merging, the new combined Category is still at-risk (i.e. has fewer than 3 Responders), it is omitted from the Subject's report.

If there is no available Category to merge with, the at-risk Category is omitted from the Subject's report.

(Categories with no Responders are also omitted from the report.)

Allow Comment Display

Choose which Category's comments will appear by adding a tick for each Category.

To display all comments in one group, i.e. not divided by Category, select "Combined Responders" and de-select all other Categories.

What is an Olympic Average? (Not currently available)

The Olympic Average is an average of the responses, calculated after the highest and lowest scores have been automatically removed. When you advertise the use of Olympic averaging, those who might otherwise enter extreme responses may moderate their replies.

By default, Olympic Average is turned off. If you turn it on, it is applied only to the "Combined Responders" in each chart, not to the bars for Responder groups.

It is active only if there are 6 or more responders, since smaller numbers could result in a misleading Olympic Average.