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Report Text Adaptation

This customization page allows you to adapt standard text which appears in 360-degree feedback Reports.

You can substitute equivalent wording in another language, or change the wording to another version of English.

How To

Use the ADAPTATION column to prepare your adaptation. At first, it will contain a copy of the GUIDE TEXT, which you may edit or replace.

If you leave the text in an ADAPTATION box unchanged, the Report will display that text. If you leave it blank, no text will appear.

If you wish to omit certain texts, delete the text in the ADAPTATION column.

Available Characters

Languages currently available include the commonly-used languages of Europe and the Americas, plus Cyrillic characters, and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

You will note that not all text in the reports is adapted by this section. For example, terms used in the questions, the scales, the responder categories, and Auto Emails are all available in the location where you customized them.


Please follow capitalization and paragraphing suggestions in the Guide Text column for consistent layout, where possible. If parentheses "()", colon ":", or other punctuation signs are shown in GUIDE TEXT below, please enter the equivalent in the ADAPTATION column.

Use Enter key where a new line is required.

Automatically Generated Text

A symbol consisting of an exclamation mark plus a number ("!1") represents text (which you provided elsewhere) that will be entered automatically.

For example, say you used Dual Scale questions. One of your Scales was labeled "Skills", the other "Expectations". The entry "Scale: !1" in the Adaptation will cause display of "Scale: Skills" and "Scale: Expectations" as appropriate in the Questionnaire.